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Last Friday we went for a drink on the rooftop terrace of Diagonal Barcelona Hotel. Having some drinks with a view over Barcelona was a good way to start the weekend. When the EuroCup2016 match France – Romania started we went to Oveja Negra to watch the game on a big screen. After the match it was still to early to go home 😉 so we went clubbing with the whole group!

Last night we went to Poble Nou to watch the Champions League return match between Barcelona and Arsenal in the Megatarverna L’Ovella Negra. Barcelona already won the first match with 0-2 and we hoped for more goals tonight. Messi, Suarez and Neymar didn’t disappoint us and they divided the goals between the 3 of them. Barça won the game with 3-1 and is now qualified for the Quarter-finals!!

¡¡¡Barça, Barça, Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaarça!!!

The final of the Copa del Rey Cup 2015 is taking place on Saturday, the 30th of May, at the Nou Camp in Barcelona. Don’t worry if you don’t have a ticket for the live match. We tell you where you can find the best places in Barcelona to experience an unforgettable football night within a fantastic football atmosphere?

La Taverna de Barcelona: The bar is close to Placa Catalunya at Ronda de la Universitat, 37. It is a lively place with recommended food, especially the tapas. If you want to watch the match at la taverna, make sure you book a table the day before the match or try to be there 2 hours before kickoff. It is a great place to eat and watch the match with a fantastic atmosphere, although it can very crowded.


La Ovella Negra: The bar is located close to the metro station Bogatell (L4) in Calle Zamora, 78. It is probably one of the best places, where you can relax, drink cheap beer or sangria and also watch the FC Barcelona matches on huge screens within a lively atmosphere. The place is huge and has an additional room, where you can play pool or table soccer with your friends when the match is over. It is definitely worth a visit.


The black lion: The bar is the oldest English pub in town and is situated close to the metro stations Les Cortes or Plaça del Centre (L3) in the street Evarist Arnús, 70. The pub shows Barca matches as well as games with other popular Spanish teams like Real Madrid, Zaragoza or Betis. Here you can choose from a wide selection of local and imported beers on draught and an even wider range of imported and artisan bottled beer.


The George Payne Irish bar:  The Irish pub is located close to the metro station Urquinaona at Plaza Urquinaona, 5. It is a very multicultural place with special drink and food offers (I can recommend you not to try the devil wings, they are way too spicy). They bar usually sells famous and common brands for drinking (Heineken and Guinness beer), so don’t expect too much, although they offer them for affordable prices. The pub is the right place to be, if you want to watch the match with international people in a crowded atmosphere.




Also the “el Clasico” between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid is an important topic for our students. Therefore, we went to Ovella Negra in Barcelona with to experience the special atmosphere in Spain, when this two rivals compete each other.