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Learn Spanish in Barcelona
Linguaschools Barcelona is proud to present its Spanish language school in a beautiful colonial building with a nice garden in the heart of Barcelona. We have an enthusiastic group of quality teachers who can't wait to teach you the Spanish language and culture.

You will notice the special atmosphere from the moment you walk in. Our school is located in a modernistic, late 19th century building in the heart of Barcelona, only a 10 minute walk from Plaza Catalunya. In our school, you can of course learn Spanish, but also meet people from all over the world in our nice garden while having a coffee, catch up with your friends and family on facebook and taste the real life in Barcelona.

About Barcelona
Learn Spanish in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, Spain's second largest city and one of the most dynamic and lively cities in Europe. In Barcelona you will find art, culture, sunshine, night life and relaxation all coming together. The most popular locations are: Las Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter and the city's tourist centre. The narrow streets around the city's "Ramblas" create a home for artists from all over the world, bringing together terraces, restaurants, shops and (tapas) bars.

Barcelona is a surprisingly easy city to navigate. From its medieval Gothic quarter and historic old town of narrow streets and alleys to its world famous art-nouveau buildings and futuristic Olympic Village on the harbor, Barcelona is a city of contrasts and unrivaled artistic beauty and diversity. You're more than welcome to come to Barcelona, discover all this and learn Spanish at the same time.
Population 1,6 million
Climate summer 28 C (82 F) winter 14 C (57 F)
To see Plaza Cataluña, the Gothic district, the Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, Montjuic, Picasso museum, home matches of FC Barcelona at Nou Camp stadium.
To do Paella- and tapas nights, Flamenco & Salsa classes, sea kayaking, wine tasting, hiking or horseback riding in Catalonia.Excursions to Andorra, Figueras (Dali museum), Girona, etc.
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