Lost & Found Market (21. June)

Lost & Found Market (21. June)

The Lost & Found Market is more than just a normal vintage and second-hand market. The market invites people and provides them with a relational and comfortable space to exchange clothes or to trade based on purchase. Furthermore, the market is accompanied with great music, especially remixes from the 70’s till the 90’s, and during the event you can choose from a big variety of drink and street foods specialties.


The Lost & Found market is free to visit and gives you access to items such as books, clothing, music, comics, computer, products, toys, ideas and knowledge. The extraordinary vintage ambiance gives you the impression of a time travel into the past and the variety of items makes it possible for you to discover hidden treasures of other people in order to upgrade your wardrobe to be unique.

The market takes place on Sunday, the 21st of June, at the Playa Sant Sebastia in Barceloneta from 11:00 till 20:00. Try to be on time to be still able to choose from a wide range of products, because the market is very busy and otherwise everything will be gone before you arrive.

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