Enjoying the best view of Barcelona – 22 June

Enjoying the best view of Barcelona – 22 June

5 Years ago it was still a quiet urban spot to go to….these days there are a lot of people on the hill of Guinardo (or los bunkers). Information centre, check, public toilet, check. Yesterday there where even 2 men selling bottles with water (Which I think is a great idea by the way). But it doesn’t really matter how secret this place is or not….the amazing view stays the same. It doesn’t matter how many times I walk up there, because every time when I hear the whole group say “woooow” by seeing the view of Barcelona and the sea for the first time from up there, I as well experience it like the first time over and over again.

We had drinks, took a lot of pictures and after a few hours we walked down into the city again. A lot of students decided to watch the last half of the Eurocup match Spain-Croatia (Sorry Spain 🙁 I decided to go home…because of the metro strike I started walking. It took me 40 minutes and a Snickers 😉




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