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Some students say that after a few drinks they start speak better Spanish. In order for you to try out this theory for yourself, we made a selection of the best bars in Barcelona.

Between our teachers and school staff, we really tried and visit all 7400 bars in Barcelona, but somewhere halfway our mission impossible we lost count and just made a selection of what we think will be interesting for you.

Today, the 7 best bars in the beach-barrios: Barceloneta, Poblenou and Vila Olympica

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Barceloneta Barrio – this area is home to Barcelona’s closest beach to the city center. Popular with families and tourists who want good access to the center of the city but away from the hustle and bustle of the heart of the city center. Here are our recommendations for the best bars in this area:

7Beach garden:  Beach garden is situated at the beach and looks like a Chiringuito at first sight. But it’s a great restaurant and cocktail bar all in one with a beautiful view on the beach. The bar is located in Plaza del Mar in Barceloneta, where you can relax, enjoy the sun and watch at the beach while listening to great electronic or alternative music at the same time.

6Absenta Bar: The old sailors district of Barceloneta is the only witness of the history of the bar. The exact date of when it was founded, is quite uncertain. The first records of the city in 1897 suggest that a police raid discovered the existence of a speakeasy in this discreet corner where sailors and artists drank the then banned absinthe, sharing long nights of pleasure and inspiration. In the century after, the bar witnessed countless events: parties, wars, bombings and the complete transformation of the neighborhood. Today, the bar continues in that same corner, rescuing an ancient bohemian corner, entirely dedicated to art, music and the warmth of the green fairy, absinthe. You find the bar with the “Green Fairy” drink in Carrer Sant Carles 36.


5Bar Electricitat: It’s called the legend in Barcloneta due to the fact that it is a classic and typical Spanish bar where young and old mix together and the waiters mostly or only speak Spanish. The atmosphere is casual and authentic and you won’t find that many tourists. Don’t be afraid to enter, because you will find delicious food and drinks for cheap prices. (for example calamar, seashell, etc.). The bar is located in Calle Sant Carles 15 in the center of Barceloneta.

4Can Paixano (La Xampanyeria):  It’s a factory shop for wine a couple of streets back from the beach. They are specialized in cava and you can get a glass of it for only 1.60 € and around 6 € for a bottle. Its a great and lively bar and the food is flying out of kitchen but it is always absolutely packed. So make sure you avoid rush hours when you want to have a seat (thanks Tom).


Poblenou: The urban district. Poblenou lives an unstoppable transformation by the hand of a creative community that risks, reinvents and generates proposals that place this postindustrial nucleus in the sport of Barcelona’s vanguards. Here are our recommendations for this area:

3Balius Cocktails & Vermouths: During centuries Balius used to be a chain of drug stores in Barcelona. After they closed down their store in Poblenou, the building has transformed into a cocktail bar and the whole interior design has changed since 2014. However, it still kept the charm and exterior design of the drug store. The cocktail bar is specialized in Gin Tonic and open from 7pm till 2.30am in Carrer de Pujades, 196, close to Rambla Poblenou.

2Ovella Negra: The bar reminds about an old brewing factory and offers lots of space to hang out with friends. It is probably one of the best places, where you can relax, drink cheap beer or sangria and also watch the FC Barcelona or Spain matches on huge screens within a lively atmosphere. The place is huge and has an additional room, where you can play pool or table soccer with your friends when the match is over. It is definitely worth a visit.


Port Olympic: – Modern and stylish area in Barcelona with ready access to Barcelona’s beaches. This area benefited from the Olympic Games area regeneration program. Here are our favorite bars for this area:

1Icebarcelona: Have you ever thought about taking a drink in Barcelona inside an Arctical ambiente? Icebarcelona is the first ice bar at the beach in the world and a unique venue at a temperature of -5ºC, designed by internationally renowned artists. The theme of the lounge, the lighting and the sculptures are renewed at least twice a year, in order to offer something different every time you come. The average visit lasts 45 minutes. While you are shivering with fun, you can relax on the terrace, perfect for an al fresco cocktail right in front of the Mediterranean sea. You find the “cool” bar at Paseo Maritimo de la Barceloneta 38 A, just next to the beach of Port Olympic and between Shoko and Sotavento. it is daily open from 12am till 3am.


The Lost & Found Market is more than just a normal vintage and second-hand market. The market invites people and provides them with a relational and comfortable space to exchange clothes or to trade based on purchase. Furthermore, the market is accompanied with great music, especially remixes from the 70’s till the 90’s, and during the event you can choose from a big variety of drink and street foods specialties.


The Lost & Found market is free to visit and gives you access to items such as books, clothing, music, comics, computer, products, toys, ideas and knowledge. The extraordinary vintage ambiance gives you the impression of a time travel into the past and the variety of items makes it possible for you to discover hidden treasures of other people in order to upgrade your wardrobe to be unique.

The market takes place on Sunday, the 21st of June, at the Playa Sant Sebastia in Barceloneta from 11:00 till 20:00. Try to be on time to be still able to choose from a wide range of products, because the market is very busy and otherwise everything will be gone before you arrive.

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