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No matter in which time of year we go to Sitges, there is always a blue sky and a summery feeling. We walked around in our winter jackets and scarfs but at the end of our walk, through the city and along the beach, we enjoyed a cafe con leche in the first Chiringuito of Spain in just a t-shirt.

Spring is on her way. And we could feel that last Saturday in Sitges. Bright blue sky, happy people and some already in swimwear on the beach. We wait a couple more months with the swimwear. After a half an hour train ride we arrived in Sitges, a picturesque little city south from Barcelona. We walked around and enjoyed the great views. After the walk we decided to have some tapas and drinks in El jardins del Retiro where there was a little market and jazz music.

We met on Saturday morning at 10:00 in front of the school and took the train to Sitges from Passeig de Gracia. It is a 40 minute train ride, first under the ground, then pass a lot of factories and warehouses…but the we have a nice view over the sea.

In Sitges we walked through the main shopping street up until the cemetery. From there back down to the old city centre you have a great view over the sea, the beach and the people swimming, with the romantic church at the background.

After passing the oldest Chiringuito of Spain we decided it was time for some food and cold drinks. It turned out it was time for ice cold sangía on a couch in the restaurants garden with a huge van on our faces. Yes it’s August, yes it is hot during the day!!

We went to Sitges in the morning, the sun was out and there was a nice breeze in the small streets of this picturesque town. We walked around, past a long the beach and finished in the garden of a restaurant for a meal together.

    Quedamos en la puerta de la escuela (Roger de Llúria) a las 10:00. El precio incluye el viaje de ida. Paga antes del jueves en recepción. Mínimo 6 estudiantes. // We meet at the gate of the school (Roger de Llúria entrance) at 10:00. The price includes a one way ticket, you must buy your own ticket back. Minimum 6 students.

    Perfect weather in Sitges and a bit more relaxed than Barcelona city. We walked around through the busy shopping street to the cemetery and from the best view over the sea through the old town to the boulevard. At the end of the tour we all went for a swim!


    At Linguaschools Barcelona we just love tapas. And our students love them, too!

    It’s a good way of getting to know different places, as well. On Thursday 7th April we went to L’Hospitalet, a nearby city reachable by metro. It’s much more quiet than Barcelona, but we still had plenty of fun!

    On Saturday 9th April we took a train and after a short journey we arrived in Sitges, a picturesque fishing coastal town. We had a nice walk discovering various little streets and learning new things (did you know that the original Chiringuito is from here?). We obviously finished our visit off with some delicious food, as expected.  😉

    On our trip to Sitges we visited the cemetery, walked through the old town, enjoyed the nice beached and had a lunch in a garden of a restaurant. It was a great way to spend our Saturday.

    The train from Barcelona to Sitges goes along the beach, it was a very warm day so we could see all the people enjoying there time at the beach. We went for a walk through town. There was a nice market on the boulevard only this weekend. Little white tents selling food, spices, wine, clothes and shoes. Of course we did some shopping 🙂 We also touched a mermaid for good luck. After our walk we went to a restaurant and relaxed in the shade. When we were finished a lot of us went to the beach to relax. It was busy, but Sitges has 17 beaches so you can always find a spot.

      Quedamos en la puerta de la escuela (Roger de Llúria). Precio de ida. Paga antes del jueves en recepción. Mínimo 6 estudiantes. // We meet at the gate of the school (Roger de Llúria entrance). The price is for one way, you must buy your ticket back. Minimum 8 students.